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Wood Pellet Boilers

kedel-all-in-oneEnergy Efficient Kedel Wood Pellet Boilers

Rockport Mechanical is a licensed solid fuel technician with extensive experience in evaluating your homes needs, we recommend install, and service wood pellet boiler systems in Mid-Coast Maine. We have partnered with Interphase Energy LLC to sell and install Kedel Central heating pellet boilers. (http://www.kedelboilers.com/)

Rockport Mechanical is now able to offer the Mid-Coast community affordable, stand-alone pellet boilers as an alternative to expensive to operate fossil fuel based heating systems. All Kedel boilers come with an impressive list of standard features: self-cleaning, high efficiency heat exchanger, web-enabled touch screen controller, digitally controlled combustion system, and a 7 year warranty.

kedel-weekenderThe cost of installing a Kedel is between $2,000-$5,000 more than installing a comparable fossil fuel boiler and boasts 40-50% savings on heating bills. For even more energy savings, Kedel boilers can be purchased through the Efficiency Maine PACE or PowerSaver loan programs which combine heating system upgrades with efficiency updates. Kedel boilers are modular and can be configured in different ways depending on the budget, space and heating requirements of the owner. System installations start at $8,700.

Rockport Mechanical technicians will be able to monitor and adjust web-enabled Kedel boilers remotely ensuring proper performance without a service call. Kedel’s online monitoring system will also alert Rockport Mechanical and the owner of potential problems and indicate when it is time to fill the pellet hopper. Pellet hoppers can be filled manually or automatically depending on the owners needs.

Advantages of Wood Pellet Central Heating Boilers

  • Wood pellets are a carbon-neutral fuel and a sustainable solution that’s better for our ecosystem than is non-renewable fuels such as propane, natural gas, oil, and most electricity.
  • Families enjoy the same level of comfort from a retrofitted pellet central heating system as they do from their traditional fossil-fueled heat source.
  • Wood pellets are readily available in Maine, and can be delivered to your home.
  • Pellet boiler technology is proven, with one million successful installations in Europe
  • Wood pellet fuel is not as bulky, burns cleaner, and is much more convenient than firewood
  • Wood pellets support and help sustain the regional economy in Maine
  • Wood pellets improve the energy security of Maine

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