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Solar Thermal

thermal-solar-for-outdoor-poolSolar Thermal Water Heating Systems Design, Installation, Sales & Service

Rockport Mechanical has extensive experience in evaluating your water heating needs and your roof configuration.  Solar thermal systems work year round to heat water and reduce your energy consumption.  We will recommend a solar thermal system that will meet your needs and provide a return on investment. Rockport Mechanical also helps our clients navigate incentive program paper work to make a solar thermal system more affordable.   Examples of our solar thermal systems can be seen throughout Mid-Coast Maine and on Penobscot Bay Islands.  

solar-hot-waterBenefits of Solar Thermal Hot Water

  • After initial investment energy for heating water is reduced and so is your energy bill reduced.
  • Rebates and incentive programs make the upfront costs of solar thermal more affordable
  • Solar Thermal hot water is a green, renewable heating system and can reduce your carbon dioxide emissions.

Rockport Mechanical typically installs Apricus solar hot water systems


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